Finding Grace

Regaining My Vision and Soul
by Anne R. Davidson


What happens to children when they lose their beloved nannies -- the way Mae Mobley did in The Help?

Anne Davidson’s powerful memoir Finding Grace gives you an answer. With the departure of Grace and Joe, Anne loses the African Americans who have loved and rescued her from her mother’s abuse. At five, she hides her grief in an emotionless personality, but at twenty psychotherapy brings her back to life. Anne finds the joys of love, dance, children, and international living, until riveting flashbacks force her to begin a challenging journey to truth and her Black roots.

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Finding Grace takes an honest look at one of the most troubling ironies in American culture: our simultaneous reliance upon and disrespect for the people who provide in-home care for our young children. Anne Davidson’s appreciation of the African Americans who raised her as a young child, and whom she credits with anchoring her soul in love and joy, is a welcome addition to the literature that addresses psychological pain and describes the many healing possibilities available.”

Janell Walden Agveman
Literary Agent/Publishing Consultant

“After working with Anne for many years, I find her story to be a remarkable one. As a child, she suppressed the sight in one of her eyes in order to distance herself from the real world, flattening it and seeing it in 2-D rather than 3-D. As an adult Anne looked into that eye and found scenes of abuse which had been stored there for nearly forty years. Finding Grace will be of great value to optometrists, psychologists, and all those suffering from visual misalignment.”

Dr. Phyllis Liu, OD, FCOVD
Behavioral Optometrist specializing in Visual Therapy